Say Hello to Your Amazing Self…

Activate Your Life!

50 Transformational Exercises From Coaches Around The World

Activate Your Life shares 50 fascinating coaching exercises for you to apply in your life today! Have you experienced the confidence that comes with self-belief?  When self-belief is high, anything is possible…

  • -You Pitch Better
  • -Perform Better
  • -Trust Yourself
  • -Show-up With Intention
  • -Live Life With Purpose

So why can’t you feel like this all the time?

Because self-belief is always in flux, influenced by your emotions, self-talk and mindset.

But you can change this!

Activate Your Life helps you find clarity and confidence with 50 coaching exercises designed to release negative emotions, push through limiting beliefs and create the life you desire.

Fuel Your Self-Belief with These Transformational Exercises

  • Are you ready to break free from limiting beliefs?

  • Do you want to say goodbye to unhelpful thought patterns?

  • Do you want to change your habits and behavior?

Here’s What’s Inside

  • 50 Practical exercises used by leading international coaches in their private consultations
  • Simple, actionable steps that you can implement from the comfort of your own space
  • Five sections each focusing on a different area of your life: 
  • Mind & Emotions: 10 exercises to help you manage your mindset and create positive emotional shifts
  • Body and Lifestyle: 9 life changing exercises to relax, empower and harmonise your energy
  • Happiness: 11 powerful techniques to nurture happiness in your relationships, communication and lifestyle
  • Goals and Habits: 10 coaching exercises that help you get motivated, set goals and establish success pathways
  • Success and Business: 10 exercises to create big shifts in your business and career success

How it began; the story of Activate Your Life

Activate Your Life is a collaborative project the work of 50 amazing coaches, to give you access to a team of experts from around the world .

Activate Your Life is born from the vision, enthusiasm and energy of Derek Loudermilk, coach at Art of Adventure and author of Superconductors. Derek himself participated in a book writing collaborative three years ago, where he shared a key business lesson in The Better Business Book, volume 1. The experience of contributing to this best-selling book gave Derek the confidence to write his solo book, Superconductors.

Derek is passionate about shining a light on the talents of the coaches he meets, knowing many of them have created their own methodologies that help people achieve breakthroughs in many areas of their lives. In addition to hosting the Art of Adventure Podcast, he hopes this book will shine a light on the work of these coaches.

How to Use this Book

Activate Your Life has been broken down into different sections each with a theme. You’ll find certain themes will call to you, so start with the section that most interests you or where you think you can find the biggest benefit.

These exercises are all about action. You “work through” them. You will get the biggest benefit by setting aside some time and completing an exercise. Like with all personal development, you get out what you put in, so if you don’t set aside time to do them, you won’t get the benefit.

These exercises will help you move into a growth zone. That means you’re on a journey of transformation and it will likely feel uncomfortable at times. This is because your brain is working hard to create new connections as you learn, your worldview may be shifting, and you may have to use courage if you face challenging truths. Anytime our physical body or thoughts are changed, it interrupts the careful balance called homeostasis, which takes energy. Learn to embrace this discomfort or struggle, because this means the exercises are working!

To keep your momentum, it can help to have a strong emotional attachment with the outcome you are seeking. Check back in with WHY you are doing these exercises in the first place. What is the vision you see for yourself? Who needs you to show up and do your best with these exercises? Then hold this in the front of your mind as you invest in yourself to achieve the outcomes you want.

Who is the book for?

Activate Your Life is ideal for people who want to create change in their life and know that this starts from within.
You may find this book helpful if you are:

  • An Entrepreneur who knows personal growth and business growth go hand in hand
  • Working parents who are striving to find family balance
  • Professionals who are looking to make change, manage stress and find personal happiness
  • Individuals who are experiencing life changes and feel they have lost a sense of who they are
  • Coaches who are looking for new exercises and techniques to use with their clients
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